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Relationship Between Identity and Employment

Connection Between Identity and Employment How significant is the connection between a person’s occupation and their character? Inside human social contact, a considerable lot of the associations we have assume a connection between paid occupation and character. Such an assumption stretches out not exclusively to the personality of the person being referred to yet in addition to the thought of an aggregate character: a character shared by the individual and their colleagues. The pay produced from our work and the manner by which we disseminate it †the way of life it bears us †all assistance to shape our personality. In any case, there are different things which impact our personality; work being just one of them, thus setting up a causal connection among occupation and character can now and again be troublesome. When contemplating our character inside the monetary structure of work we should likewise think about the idea of portrayal: our emotions about our occupation and the cash and way of life it bears us are molded by the manner in which others see us, and what they have.[1] Our character is an incorporating idea that impacts and is affected by our associations with others. This rationale directs that our characters must be intently tied, here and there, to what we do, and how we decipher what we do with regards to our connections. There is a nearby association among doing and personality and the utilization of language in the production of importance and comprehension of this[2]. Piaget[3] and Kagan[4] represent how youngsters find out about the world through doing; how the acknowledgment that we can follow up on the earth adds to our feeling of self, and the acknowledgment that we are independent from our condition. Kids, consequently, come to understand that their activities have social importance and that their endorsement as people is in direct relationship to what they do: we start to find out about ourselves as people and as individuals from social gatherings. As we build up our personality is formed by our skills, particularly in correlation with others, just as our social standing and the desires set upon us[5]. As grown-ups, our character becomes objective arranged and this is to a great extent impacted by society[6]. Occupation is an objective arranged life movement. Objectives are helpers since we see them as far as the impact of objectives met or neglected. Working late, chipping in, assuming on additional liability permits us the chance to envision acclaim, advancement, acknowledgment in light of our uprightness. This envisioning shapes our perspectives on our future self and persuades us to encourage objective coordinated activity. Rousing pictures are frequently called conceivable selves[7] and they speak to what we like may jump at the chance to become or fear turning out to be. Conceivable selves are valuable for giving the impetus to move thought to activity and as we shape our own personality in a constructive way, our fulfillment increments. Our occupation is the vehicle through which we can create and communicate our personalities and with the end goal for us to do as such inside our occupations we should show to others that we are skillful to pick up endorsement and keep away from dis missal. In the event that we are skilled it recommends that we can manage difficulties that come our direction; the more effective we are at managing difficulties, the higher our self-assurance. Fearlessness features an unmistakable connection between our character and a confidence in the things that we can do. On the off chance that our characters are created by our occupation and the manner by which we perform inside that circle, at that point a danger to our capacity to take part in an occupation turns out to be just about a danger to our personality. Incapacities frequently compromise the foundation of a character dependent on competence.[8] Redundancy, for instance, or joblessness can dissolve the common experience of the work procedure which can go about as the reason for bunch identity[9] just as the benchmark that empower us to support and well-spoken our individual identity.[10] For men, joblessness or repetition can subvert their manly way of life as the conventional male-provider and consign them to the private as opposed to the open circle, and for those used to business, an absence of occupation can prompt personalities turning out to be more privatised.[11] Turnbull contends that a word related based character may offer the individual the most noteworthy status and best mental self view accessible to them.[12] along these lines, those without an occupation, or whose occupation manages them just the most fundamental living have personalities characterized by the thought of falling into a specific class, for example common laborers †here a personality is characterized by means. Neediness turns into a marker of status and position and can nearly be a hardship of character. Unmistakably an occupation is vital to a feeling of what our identity is and our value which thusly impacts how others see us and how we see others, and since we burn through the vast majority of our lives working this gives us a feeling of intelligence which helps assumes a significant job in the forming of both our individual and aggregate character. It is critical to note however, that occupation is just one factor among numerous which impacts upon our personality and its relative significance must be seen close by that of other social components. In what ways do social elements shape our characters? It is consistent with recommend that our character is comprised of individual attributes and relational connections just as thoughts and convictions we get from having a place with various gatherings. All of us has various characters open to us and these personalities disclose to us what our identity is and what every specific personality may include. Social settings will for the most part demonstrate which character is generally relevant at some random time. Tajfel contends that there are times when our ‘group’ character or social personality is more critical to us than our own character and this choice is especially reliant upon social factors.[13] Categorisation shapes our characters †when we order a person or thing we do as such trying to get them and their social condition. So naming somebody as a Muslim, or a Jew, or a football fan or dark or white, jobless or utilized permits us to characterize the sorts of conduct that are proper or even expected of that class. There are various classifications which carry with them their own variables which help to shape our personality and the conduct that is anticipated from people who fall inside a specific class. Maybe the absolute most evident classifications are those of race, sex, patriotism and class. At the point when we talk about categorisation by sexual orientation, for instance, it is regularly accepted that the job of an individual is characterized by their genitalia and that there are social jobs for guys and social jobs for females. This categorisation can be something against which people may revolt, however this can likewise be a gathering to which they have a plac e that carries with it antagonistic angles, as well. For instance, a sub-class for ladies is frequently that of the person in question; such groupings can have a considerable effect upon the personality of the person. In ordinary discourse, we regularly utilize the word race to signify a gathering of people who have a specific method of discussing themselves as well as other people †and again we frequently expect of these individuals specific sorts of conduct, some of which can fortify generalizations and add to preference: social variables which would all be able to influence the character both of the individual themselves and the personality of the gathering itself.[14] We relate to bunches we see that we have a place with. This has two repercussions: some portion of what make me ‘me’ is my participation of a specific gathering, so at times there are in-gatherings and at times out-gatherings (us versus them) however my personality is additionally formed by the way that I am really a one of a kind person. My participation of a specific classification or gathering is similarly as genuine to me as the way that I realize that I am novel. A further repercussion of this idea is the thought that regardless of the way that I am extraordinary, my gathering self likewise makes me equivalent to others inside my gathering. There will be a few events when I will regard individuals from my gathering just like equivalent to me in some significant and relevant manner. For instance, I may accept that despite the fact that I am diverse to the individuals from my gathering, in that I am ‘me’, I am likewise the equivalent in that I accept that my country is predominant and more meriting regard than yours (patriotism). Inside individual gatherings Tajfel contends that bunch individuals contrast themselves and one another, on the grounds that this examination permits them to characterize their gathering as positive (or negative) and hence as a matter of course, see themselves in a positive (or negative) light. Individuals are commonly inspired to consider their to be as superior to other comparative gatherings, yet regularly gatherings may attempt to put down contrasts between bunches so as to have the option to see their own gathering well. For instance, individuals from creating nations may sees their nation as substandard innovatively or financially however may accept that they live an ethically much predominant lifestyle. [15] Social elements, along these lines, shape our character in an assortment of ways: they impact the manner in which we see ourselves as well as other people, the individuals we feel that we have a place with and relate to, the conduct we feel is anticipated from us, and of others and the value we credit to others and gatherings, just as to ourselves and the gatherings we believe we have a place with. Book index Christiansen, C H. Characterizing Lives: Occupation as Identity: An Essay on Competence, Coherence and the Creation of Meaning. American Journal of Occupational Therapy. 1999 Cooley, C.H. Human instinct and the social request. New York. Scribner. 1902 Kagan, J. The Second Year: the development of mindfulness. Cambridge, MA. HUP. 1981 MacKenzie, R. Stuart, M. Forde, C. Greenwood, E. Perrett, R. Gardiner, J. All that is Solid? Class Identity and the Maintenance of a Collective Or

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Value Chain for Effective ERP System -

Question: Examine about theValue Chain for Effective ERP System. Answer: Presentation For the contemporary business associations, flexibly chain the board is a significant angle to be considered so as to give consistent and powerful progression of the items in the market. Xxx is one of the main electronic associations working in Australia. They are having 20,000 square meter of dissemination focus from where they gracefully their items to the end clients and wholesalers. In any case, in the ongoing time, they are having a few issues in their appropriation community because of the which, more client objections are coming. This report will break down the information being assembled from their database so as to decide the issues and will suggest arrangements in like manner. Distinguishing proof of the issues As far as the grievance types, the main three issues being distinguished are the conveyance, wrong amount and wrong item. Main driver examination will be utilized so as to distinguish the starting point of the issues. Starting underlying driver examination to decide the issue with conveyance shows that the plan of the conveyance chain isn't viable. The items ought to be in a chain procedure which isn't at present occurring in the stockroom. One the other hand, the deliverymen are accepting the items from the opposite side of the bundling office. Hence, it is including additional time. Further examination demonstrated that Lack of shipping hardware in the stockroom is likewise causing additional time because of manual transportation of the merchandise. In addition, it is additionally being seen that the staff are not in any case prepared well to work the current hardware in the distribution center. Another issue being distinguished is an inappropriate amount of the merchandise being conveyed to the clients. Examination shows that the outbound offices are not successful in conveying the products to the client. Further examination shows that there is a genuine slack in coordination between the client agents and the outbound workers. Along these lines, the specific client necessity isn't been viably transmitted to the outbound office. Conveying incorrectly item is another recognized issue. Main driver investigation of this issue shows that absence of coordination as talked about before is answerable for this. What's more, it is been seen that the distribution center format isn't structured appropriately and because of this, off-base items are being dispatched to the clients. In any case, examination shows that there are no bad things to say being found from the side of the CSR staffs. Proposals and suggestions The prime perspective that ought to be considered in upgrading the adequacy of the tasks in the distribution center is to actualize a powerful ERP framework (Schniederjans and Yadav 2013). Main driver investigation demonstrated that the current ERP framework being utilized in the distribution center isn't viable and isn't all around composed with all the representatives in the activities. The current ERP framework can't ready to transmit the data from inbound to the outbound offices adequately. In this manner, executing better than ever ERP framework will assist with improving the coordination in the stockroom (HassabElnaby, Hwang and Vonderembse 2012). Another suggestion that is likewise significant in improving the adequacy of the ERP framework is the preparation of the representatives in giving the framework. Examination demonstrated that there is an absence of preparing for the workers in taking care of the activity in the stockroom. Accordingly, it is critical to give appropriat e preparing to the representatives to upgrade their adequacy and profitability. The format of the distribution center ought to likewise be changed and adjusted to build its adequacy. The leaving format is including additional time in discharging the merchandise. A perfect distribution center format ought to be in an appropriate succession (Accorsi, Manzini and Maranesi 2014). It ought to be structured so that, the merchandise will enter from the inbound offices and will experience the different divisions in its manner lastly will be discharged through the outbound offices. It will assist with lessening the time being devoured in the process alongside decreasing the likelihood of mistake in the process because of its consecutive example. Another region of progress that ought to likewise be considered is the execution of most recent apparatus in the distribution center (Hamberg and Verriet 2012). This is because of the explanation that absence of hardware in the stockroom is making loss of time due manual transportation. Along these lines, commencement of shipping apparatus will assist with moving the divine beings in huge amount at once and in less time. In this way, the issue generally conveyance can be unraveled. Information mining of the ERP information being gotten from the association additionally shows that clients have grumbled about accepting harmed products moreover. Accordingly, inception of the worker preparing in compelling treatment of the activity will assist with improving the profitability of the representatives just as diminishing the pace of mistake in taking care of the tasks (Elnaga and Imran 2013). Better than ever innovation is required for the bundling reason moreover. This is because of the explanation that, couple of clients have whined about the nature of the bundling of the merchandise. It likewise causes harming of the merchandise in travel. Along these lines, inception of new innovation in bundling will assist with decreasing the pace of harm in travel just as upgrading the consumer loyalty. End Having investigated the information being gotten from the ERP arrangement of the association, it very well may be reasoned that an all encompassing methodology is required to forestall the current issues in their distribution center. Significant issues being distinguished are the conveyance of wrong items in wrong sums and additional time being devoured in conveying the item. These issues are in this way making disappointment among the clients which is prompting increment in the quantity of client grumblings. In this way, suggestions are being given by the issues being recognized. Successful usage of the proposals will assist with improving their viability of the activities in the distribution center alongside raising the degree of the consumer loyalty. Reference Accorsi, R., Manzini, R. what's more, Maranesi, F., 2014. A choice emotionally supportive network for the plan and the executives of warehousing frameworks. PCs in Industry, 65(1), pp.175-186. Elnaga, A. also, Imran, A., 2013. The impact of preparing on representative execution. European Journal of Business and Management, 5(4), pp.137-147. Hamberg, R. what's more, Verriet, J., 2012. Mechanization in distribution center turn of events. Springer. HassabElnaby, H.R., Hwang, W. what's more, Vonderembse, M.A., 2012. The effect of ERP execution on hierarchical abilities and firm execution. Benchmarking: An International Journal, 19(4/5), pp.618-633. Schniederjans, D. furthermore, Yadav, S., 2013. Fruitful ERP execution: an integrative model. Business Process Management Journal, 19(2), pp.364-398.

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2019 Best Brightest Alana Coleman, College of William Mary (Mason)

Alana Coleman 2019 Best Brightest: Alana Coleman, College of William Mary (Mason) by: Jeff Schmitt on March 24, 2019 | 0 Comments Comments 516 Views March 24, 2019Alana ColemanRaymond A. Mason School of Business, College of William Maryâ€Å"An easy-going and curious Jersey girl who is more competitive than she’d like to admit.†Fun fact about yourself: I am exceptionally skilled at whistlingHometown: Jackson, NJHigh School: Jackson Memorial High SchoolMajor: Business Analytics Data Science with a concentration in MarketingMinor: MathematicsFavorite Business Course: Advertising Digital MarketingExtracurricular Activities, Community Work and Leadership Roles During College:Alpha Kappa Psi Membership Committee (2016) Fundraising Chair (2017)Delta Gamma-Vice President of Programming (2017)Peer Educator with the Center for Student Diversity (2016-2019)Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society (member)Orientation Aide (2018)Dean’s ListDelta Gamma Lamp of Knowledge recipientVolunteer a t Brookdale Senior Living in Williamsburg, VAWhere have you interned during your college career? Lendlease New York, NY Finance and Accounting InternBoehly Center for Excellence in Finance Williamsburg, VA Undergraduate InternWhere will you be working after graduation? VidMob in NYC as a Data AnalystWhat company do you admire most? I have a great deal of respect for Patagonia. Their commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices is admirable, especially considering the current climate crisis.Who is your favorite professor? Dr. Dawn Edmiston, my professor of Advertising Digital Marketing, is the best teacher I’ve learned from in my academic career. She has an infectious positive energy and makes the utmost effort to know and relate to her students. She is a lifelong learner and constantly looks to improve her courses to better serve and engage her students.What did you enjoy most about your business school? The faculty and staff at Mason are unmatched. Fr om the moment I started here, I have felt like my voice mattered. My professors have always made the effort to turn the classroom into a non-intimidating setting where you can learn without fear of making mistakes.What advice would you give to a student looking to major in a business-related field? Supplement your business major with as many arts or sciences classes as you can! The perspective gained through taking classes for my math minor and in other fields of interest has helped me gain a more holistic view of business problems. It is so important to realize that the business world is not at the center of the universe and that having knowledge in as many domains as possible will make you a better, more empathetic business-person.What has surprised you most about majoring in business? There are so many different career paths that you can take with a business major. Before starting business school, I didnt realize how transferrable the skills I would learn would be.â€Å"If I did n’t major in business, I would be majoring in or studying†¦Natural science/pre-vet track! I absolutely love animals always say that in another life I would want to be a veterinarian.†Who most influenced your decision to pursue business in college? My decision to pursue business was one I came to mostly on my own. I originally intended to major in Mathematics when I came to William Mary, but by the end of my freshman year, I knew it was not right for me. After doing some soul-searching and learning about the Business Analytics Data Science major, I knew that it was the perfect way to utilize my aptitude for quantitative reasoning and develop the soft skills to complement it.Which academic, extracurricular or personal achievement are you most proud of? In the Spring of 2018, I completed an exchange semester at the Vienna University of Economics Business and knew no one when I arrived there. I’m most proud of how independent I became while I lived there and h ow I was able to adapt to my courses and make a core group of lifelong friends from all over. I left the experience feeling more confident than ever in my knowledge of business and interpersonal skills.Which classmate do you most admire? I admire my classmate, Teddy Tanous. He is one of the kindest people I have ever met and embodies the collaborative spirit of Mason. He is constantly working hard but never fails to remember the importance of forming meaningful bonds with your peers.Who would you most want to thank for your success? I would like to thank Rita Murphy, the Associate Director of the Boehly Center for Excellence in Finance. Rita believed in me as a sophomore and took me on as an intern at the Boehly Center when I was still very new to studying business. Since then she has become a friend and constant support through my time at Mason. Her work ethic has inspired me to push myself out of my comfort zone in school. My experience at the business school would not have been t he same without her.What are the top two items on your bucket list? To meet Julian Casablancas and to eat at Sukiyabashi JiroWhat are your hobbies? Snowboarding, singing karaoke, traveling with friends, attending music festivals, petting every dog I come across!What made Alana such an invaluable addition to the Class of 2019?â€Å"William Mary has always attracted bright, inquisitive students who seek to make a difference in our world, and Alana Coleman is a perfect example of this combination of intelligence and passion.   She designed a rigorous program of study to develop her diverse interests by combining a major in Business Analytics with Data Science with a concentration in Marketing and earning a minor in mathematics as well. In each of these areas, she has performed at the highest level, earning selection to Beta Gamma Sigma as one of the top students in her class. She has flourished in a number of roles on campus, from Peer Educator for the Center for Student Diversity, to Orientation Aide, to the officer in her Greek organization. Her semester abroad in Vienna, Austria helped her refine her interest in marketing and develop the vision to see things from the global perspective needed to thrive in today’s business world. Alana has demonstrated her creativity, analytic ability, and skills as a web designer throughout her internship with the Boehly Center, and is sure to be a great addition to VidMob when she joins them as a Data Analyst following graduation. In all she does, she truly embodies the ideals of â€Å"One Tribe, One Family†, which is why she is an invaluable addition to the class of 2019.†Rita H. Murphy Associate Director, Academic Engagement Boehly Center for Excellence in Finance Page 1 of 11

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Historical Accuracy of the Film Gone with the Wind - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 8 Words: 2445 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2019/08/15 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Gone With The Wind Essay Did you like this example? The key to improving the future is being able to understand and learn from the past. If the past is not studied, the likelihood of repeating the same mistakes over and over again is extremely high. Repeating the same basic mistakes, with new variations, that people many years ago made does not progress into the future, but rather keeps bringing the past back. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Historical Accuracy of the Film Gone with the Wind" essay for you Create order For example, had the roaring twenties in the 1920s not occured, people would not have learned of the dangers of buying much more than they could afford and just putting it on credit. After that economic boom, the Great Depression of the 1930s happened and as a whole, society changed for the future. People realized that they had to be more careful and conscientious of how and where they spent their money. Throughout the past, another lesson that has been learned can been seen through Americas colonial rule and the difference in how Spain and France treated their colonist. When the Spanish came and settled colonies, they used force to rule and completely disrupted the normal life of the Native Americans. On the other hand, the French were civil with Natives and allowed them to continue living how they had been, but just asked for help with fur trading. The outcome of this treatment was very beneficial for the French because when the Seven Years War, also known as the French and Indian War, broke out in 1756 because the French had their natives as allies. This helped them tremendously because the natives were more familiar with the land and had weapons and battle methods of their own. The records of both of these events were crucial in being able to learn from them. People recorded their version of what happened during both of these time periods by keeping journals, writing newspaper articles, and passing down events from word of mouth. As technology progressed, people were able to start keeping track of historical events by making short films and event ually, movies. The movie Gone With the Wind produced by David O. Selznick in 1939 is a film that was used to capture a vital time period in the South. The movie is fictional, but explores many topics that were historically accurate of what life was like for many different types of people who lived back then. The movie follows the story of Scarlett OHara, a young woman who lives on a beautiful plantation in Georgia, and her tangled love life with Mr. Ashley and Mr. Butler. Scarlett is seen as a scandalous character and sometimes comes across as unladylike. Soon after she is married to Charles Hamilton and he dies, the Civil War begins and Scarlett moves to Atlanta where she is met face to face with the men from her past. As the war progresses, resources in the city become more sparse and the Yankees have the upper hand in the war. Once Scarlett is able to escape back home to her town in Georgia she sees how much damage the war has caused and makes it her mission to rebuild the town back to its previous status. Many complications arise, but Scarlett persist and eventually successfully restores Tara, but yet again has several major se tbacks. While Gone with the Wind is a classic example of the past being glorified, it brings to light some of the serious truths of the past, such as slavery, the female role in society, and the Civil War. The topic of slavery is not one that has been swept under the rug. Students begin learning about the harsh treatment of certain peoples at a young age and as they grow older are exposed to many of the misconceptions of slavery. The film is set in the South, which leads to a skewed point of view on the topic of slavery. The movie depicted the slave who lived in the house, Mammy, as a woman who is a part of the family. She was shown as happy, able to discipline Scarlett, and seemed as if she was a regular worker. Sadly, this was a very accurate representation of how many people who lived then felt about owning slaves. This depiction of slavery further adds to the fact that many southerners did not see a problem with slavery, and even if they believed it to be morally wrong, they still went along with the bandwagon and owned slaves to do their work for them. President Jackson was a culprit of this; as much as he supposedly disliked slavery he still owned his fair share (Kagan and Hyslop 23). The movie also had a sign in the beginning of it that read Anyone disturbing the peace on this plantation will be prosecuted.(Gone with the Wind Selznick). In todays times, a sign like this would be very rare and seem extreme, however back in the time of slavery it was common and no one had a second thought upon reading something to that nature. If a slave were to be caught revolting or doing anything that was not approved by their master, they would typically be brutally beaten or in some cases even killed. An example of this is illustrated in the event where nineteen slaves overthrew a boat headed for the Bahamas; the slaves killed several people and demanded the ship be sailed to Nassau (Horton and Horton 119). When word got back to the American government of what their slaves had done, they were furious. The American government wanted the slaves to be transported back to America immediately for trial. However, due to revolutionaries in the Bahamas, this group of slaves was set free and not forced to return back to where they were wrongfully treated. Although this group got lucky, one can only infer what would have happened to them if they had been released back into the American governments hands. Unfortunately, this is the situation all too many slaves had to face. Another example of escaped slaves can be seen in a letter written to the State Directors of the Federal Writers Project. In this letter, Henry G. Alberg, the author, explicitly states that there were advertisements for fu gitive slaves. This letter is an essential clue into how people of color used to be treated because now, in more modern times, while walking down the street there would never be a flyer claiming a reward for a person who has run away from their master. In Charleston in 1720, a group of slaves led a violent revolt. They tried to flee to Georgia, but were found and eventually the whole group of them were executed. Another famous example of slaves rebelling is the Stono Rebellion. This rebellion, also known as Catos Conspiracy, was in 1739 in near Charleston, South Carolina. A group of slaves robbed a store and began their journey. As they ventured through states, many people died and their group that began as twenty had grown to near one hundred. Following this rebellion, many of the whites in the South had a growing fear that another uprising would taken place, so they placed even stricter laws on their slaves. These laws tried to prevent those who were enslaved from accumulating into groups, growing food for themselves, and made a new ratio for blacks to whites on plantations. All these new laws were in hopes to prevent a future revolt. In Gone With the Wind, slaves were portrayed in the way that Southerners wanted the rest of the world to see them as, even though it may not have been completely accurate. Gone with the Wind also sheds light onto a females role in society during the 1800s. The film depicted how women were portrayed and showed many of the struggles that they endured. Firstly, as seen through many characters, such as Scarlett, marriage was a big deal. Due to the fact that women did not have much of their own social status, they relied heavily on their husbands to be successful and wealthy. Many women were stay at home mothers during this time period, so marrying well was a must (Gender The Civil War). When it was time for a female to get married, she had to make sure that her husband would be able to provide for not only her, but also for their future children. A womans family played a significant role in choosing her spouse. Her father would need to approve of her fiance and his family. In Scarletts case, her parents were selfless to her and did anything they were able to ensure her happiness. Her father cared about her more than anything, as did her mother although her mother was an almost impossible role model, due to her strong will and determinatio n compared to her spirited daughter, for her to grow up to be like. When it was time for Scarlett to marry, Gerald and Ellen supervised her choice and gave their input, but ultimately let her decide whom she wanted to spend her life with. This would have very uncommon in this time period. In the film, women are also seen doing what they can to make themselves appear as feminine as they can. This can be seen when Scarlett was preparing to go to the party in one of the beginning scenes ( Gone with the Wind Selznick). Mammy, the house slave, brought up a giant platter of food and tells her to begin eating. Scarlett stuffed herself then, in the privacy of her own home, so that when she was out in public, surrounded by all the people of importance in her life, she will be able to eat very little and still be satisfied. This was a common practice back in the day. Women were constantly watched and judged based on their appearance. They had to be very conscious of how they presented themselves. In a time where the female body was very critiqued, women were even more self -aware of their bodies then they are today. In order to combat this insecurity, women would be very careful about what they ate in front of other people, especially men. Women would also be tend to wear elegant dresses that were fitted weeks before an event, so they had to be confident that their attire would still fit properly. In the movie, there is also an accurate representation of how women helped out on the plantation. While thes e women were wealthy thanks to their husbands fortunes, they also played a role in the overseeing of slaves. In the movie Ellen, Geralds wife and Scarletts mom, played a vital role in this (Gone with the Wind Selznick). She would be the figure out what the next days work would be, mainly for the house slave Mammy. Back in the 1860s, the time period the movie was set in, as much as men wanted to be able to handle the plantations themselves they did often need assistance from their wives since running a whole system of slaves was time consuming and challenging. Another accuracy from the movie relation to a womans role in society is the idea that much of the time woman stayed at home with their children while their husbands went off to work. In the movie, this is seen through the husbands and male figures, such as Rhett, going out to fight in the war. Scarlett and other females stayed at home to hold down the plantations and stay with children. This is somewhat similar to the idea of republican motherhood that was present throughout the Revolutionary War that took place almost one hundred years before the Civil War. Republican motherhood was the philosophy that mothers would stay at home and raise up the next generation. In Gone with the Wind, Scarlett stayed behind with her sister-in-law, Melanie, through the midst of the war in Atlanta while she is pregnant and gives birth to her child. While Scarlett was not the childs mother, it still showed the ideal that the childs father would leave to go to fight, while the mother and other prominent female figure in its life stayed behind to ensure he or she would be properly raised. While the movie depicted many of the hardships that females were faced with in the nineteenth century, it also portrayed many of views and events of the Civil War. The Civil War took was caused mainly by the dispute over slavery in the Northern and Southern states. The broke out on April 12, 1961 and revolutionized American society. Many of Americas citizens at this time had opposing views of the war and the ideas surrounding it; secession and slavery. Many plantation owners in the South were in favor of the war because they had a dire need to own slaves since the Souths economy was mainly based off of cash crops that were grown, tended, and picked by slaves. In the movie, Rhett Butler and many of the other men were the representation of the draft. The draft forced men eighteen and older to go fight in the war. Only men with money could purchase exemptions (Kagan and Hyslop 246). Exemptions cost up to $300, about as much as the average worker made in an entire year, and men who purchased these were often seen by others as traitors (Kagan and Hyslop 246). In this aspect, the movie was correct in sending all of the eligible men into the war becau se even if having a substitute go in for them was an option, they did not want others to think down upon them for not being courageous enough to protect their side of the nation. The movie also portrayed the economic differences between the South and the North properly. The South was the cotton kingdom, but did not have much more. The North was far more industrialized, which gave them the advantage of having better weapons and road ways ( Kagan and Hyslop 24). In Gone with the Wind, shortly after the war began the Southerns came to realize that the North had far more money than them, which would lead to their defeat. One of the gentlemen in the movie, Mr. Butler, stood up to his friends by pointing out the fact that the South did not have any cannon factories and by saying, the Yankees are better equipped than we. Theyve got factories, shipyards, coal mines, and a fleet to bottle up our harbors and starve us to death. All weve got is cotton, and slaves, and arrogance. (Gone with the Wind Selznick). At this point in the movie, all his fellow men are upset with him for speaking poorly of the South, but once they go to war they realize he was unfortunately corre ct.

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A Critical Analysis Of Two Counselling Theories ...

A Critical Analysis of Two Counselling Theories: Existential Therapy and Freudian Psychoanalytic Therapy Kavya Raj, 25183834 PSY3120: Introduction to Counselling Due: Thursday 16th October 2014 Theories within psychotherapy guide interactions between the therapist and client, providing a process by which the client can come to understand and resolve their problems. However, these theories can often be conflicting with opposing techniques and goals. Existential therapy is best considered as a philosophical approach to the therapeutic process, which gives prominences to the themes of freedom, self-determination, self-awareness and anxiety (Yalom Josselson, 2011, p. 310). It emphasises the individual’s capacity to make free choices regarding the person they become, and focuses less on the use of techniques. In contrast, Freudian psychoanalytic therapy considers ways to change problematic behaviours or thoughts by examining their concealed unconscious motivations and meanings (Corey, 2013, p. 63). Past experiences are significant in determining the distinctive behaviour of the individual, which is analysed by the therapist through techniques such as dream analysis and f ree association. Whilst both theories view the individual and their difficulties as unique, existential and psychoanalytic therapy have opposing views of human nature and therapeutic goals. A key concept of existential therapy is the relationship between freedom and responsibility. In contrastShow MoreRelatedComparing and Contrasting Psychoanalytic and Existential/Humanistic Perspectives4364 Words   |  18 Pagescomparing and contrasting two out of the eight personality theories commonly used to decipher one’s personality. Those two are the psychoanalytic perspective and the existential/humanistic perspective. Both perspectives are equally important as they play a major role in understanding personality in different ways and explaining them as well. Freud’s psychoanalysis helps us to understand the individual’s personality from its early years right up to adulthood while existential and humanistic theoristsRead Moreâ€Å"People are complex and cannot be completely understood through the lens of a Meta or grand theory– i.e. Psychoanalytic or behavioural. Critically discuss†3736 Words   |  15 PagesIntroduction In counselling and psychotherapy there are more than 400 distinct models with methods of practice ranging from one to one counselling, group therapy, couples or family therapy, online therapy and over the telephone counselling. Depending on which school of thought the therapist is following, each therapy engages the client from a different angle. Each school has its own rationale and specific techniques but there are common components which are shared across all approaches ResearchRead MoreThe Personality Theories Of Sigmund Freud ( 1856-1939 ) And Carl Jung2919 Words   |  12 PagesExamined are the key elements in the personality theories of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and Carl Jung (1875-1961). Prior to Freud, personality psychology did not exist. Freud’s psychoanalytic theory conceptualized personality development in terms of psychosexual stages whereby personality was fixed by middle childhood. Freud explained that mental and physical illnesses were the result of an individual not being aware of the inner conflict which was experienced due to repressed infantile sexualityRead MorePhenomenological: Qualitative Research and Research Methodology9542 Words   |  39 Pagesthe field are critical of existing quantitative research methods and argue that, in controlling and measuring variables, results, although statistically significant, are often clinically superficial (Giorgi, 1995; Yalom, 1995; Kotsch, 2000; McLeod, 2001). The shortcomings of q uantitative research methods for investigating phenomena such as psychotherapeutic change are particularly evident when attempting to examine psychotherapeutic interventions such as ‘art therapy’. Art therapy involves the use

Nursing Standard

Question: Describe about the Article for Nursing Standard? Answer: Case of Oscar a) Asthma is characterized by the inflammation of the bronchospasm and airways. This causes the contraction of the bronchioles due to airway reactivity. The pathophysiology involves inflammatory response and the activity of the allergic response cells is triggered which includes the T-lymphocytes, B-lymphocytes, eosinophils, neutrophils, mast cells, etc. It also includes the chemical mediators often secreted by the lining of cells of the respiratory tract, which collectively causes the inflammation. But the key impact is the increased secretions and swelling of the airways. These reduce the airway diameter and consequently the air entry. In the case of an acute asthma attack, bronchospasm accompanies the inflammation (Redwood and Neill 2013). b) Inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) are the most useful and important medicines in asthma management. They are the most commonly used medicine as the preventer and is used globally. They are very effective and safe for long-term usage. The type of steroids used in these inhalers is artificial cortisol, which is a steroid. This reduces the symptoms of asthma by reducing the inflammation in the airways. There are a number of side effects as it is common with the higher dosage of steroids. These have been listed below. Local irritation in the throat and mouth. Osteoporosis Bone thinning. Skin thinning. Reduction in response to illness. Minor growth suppression. ICS can be used for a lifetime by minimizing or avoiding the side effects. This can be done by using spacers and medications for prevention and cleaning and rinsing the teeth and mouth after using the medications. ICS can be taken daily with visible results within 1 to 3 weeks and best results within three months. c) Short-acting beta agonists (SABA) act by dilating the airway lining and muscle relaxation thereby facilitating air passage to the lungs. They act as bronchodilators. As the airflow is increased, the breathing gets easier. The onset of action is within five minutes and the duration of action is three to six hours. However, they do not have any impact on inflammation. SABA are the best choice of treatment in case of asthma attack and treating the intermittent symptoms. Some of the common SABA are Salbutamol, Levalbuterol, Metaproterenol and Terbutaline. They help with the symptoms of chest tightness, wheezing, shortness of breath and cough (Carr 2013). Most of the medications have the tendency to produce side effects. In case of any side effect, the pharmacist should be contacted. The most common side effects have been listed below. Skin rash and hives. Palpitations and increased heartbeats. Dizziness and headache. Diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. Tremor and nervousness. Since SABA has a short onset of action, people tend to overuse these medicines instead of the long term and slower acting ones. However, the overuse may lead to reduction in the future effectiveness. Therefore, they should not be taken daily and should be taken only in case of symptoms. In addition, the dosage needs to be maintained. Case of David a) The diagnosis of asthma involves the signs and symptoms recognition. Airflow obstruction measurement and initial assessment can be followed. Diagnostic tests can suggest that the patient has asthma. Diagnostic symptoms like a heavy cough and tight chest on exertion make the chances of asthma more likely. Since David had a cold two months ago, his chest tightness should have been cured by now. In addition, his cough is worsened at night, which increases the probability of asthma. David does not have a history of asthma. So his present symptoms clearly indicate towards the fact that he needs diagnostic confirmations by objective measurements. b) Spirometry has been recognized as the first line diagnostic test for patients with suspected asthma. Since David has been diagnosed with the symptoms of asthma, so spirometry test has to be performed for reproducible and accurate results of airway obstruction. Methacholine challenge test is another diagnostic test that can be performed on David if the spirometry results are not satisfactory. Methacholine, when inhaled, contracts the airways and causes spasm in case of presence of asthma (Thomas 2015). c) Spirometry is a pulmonary function test which measures the lung function which includes the flow and volume of air that is exhaled and inhaled. Spirometry is an important tool for the diagnosis of asthma. The process involves forced inhalation followed by forced expiration on the sensors for a minimum duration of six seconds. A rapid inhalation follows during the diagnosis of the obstruction of the upper airways. The test is sometimes preceded by the measurement of the tidal volume. Filter mouthpieces prevent the contamination by microorganisms and nose clips are used to prevent the escape of air from the nose. Height and weight have to be measured prior to the beginning of the test (Madsen et al. 2014). The advantages of spirometry have been listed below. Spirometry is an and readily available process. It is a useful tool for the monitoring and diagnosis of asthma. Spirometry is a time-saving process and is performed quickly. The spirometer device is portable and cheap, so most of the clinics and patients can afford it. The disadvantages of spirometry have been listed below. This is an effort dependant process. Any variations in the effort give variable results. It has poor compliance with the patients with asthma as they have to inhale and exhale in full volume, especially in case of asthma and chest tightness. Sometimes false readings are derived which are often high due to patient manipulations. There is a high probability of result manipulation due to the patient efforts and leakages. Case of Aisha a) For asthmatic patients, treatment with metered dose inhalers is the foundation of the therapy. However, the full value of the medications is not often obtained, as the inhaler is not used correctly. Suboptimal results are common in such cases. Some of the common errors associated with the using of MDI have been listed below. Insufficient shaking of the inhaler. Gentle exhalation prior to inhaling the medication. Poor coordination between the pressing of the canister and inhaling it simultaneously. Poor inhalation amount or no inhalation at all. Insufficient duration of holding the breath or not holding it at all (10 seconds is desirable). No sufficient gap between two puffs (30 seconds is desirable). Multiple pressing of the canister. No periodic cleaning of the actuator. Wrong holding of the device without placing the mouthpiece on the bottom side. No removal of the cap before pressing down the canister (Price et al. 2013). b) While selecting an inhaler device, the type of drug delivered has to be kept under consideration. The choice of drugs decides the type of inhaler to be employed. This drug-inhaler relation has been described below. Bronchodilators and corticosteroids are delivered by pMDI (Pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler) with spacers and facemask. For children aged 3-5 years, nebulizer may be used in case a pMDI have been found to be ineffective or a dry powder inhaler (DPI) may be used. Cost reduction or economic factors also determine the type of inhaler to be used. Since Aisha complains of her MDI being ineffective, alternatively nebulizer or dry powder inhaler may be used (Asthma inhalers 2015). c) Metered dose inhalers are the reliever medicine or rescue inhalers. These are autohalers that are generally breath actuated and also nonbreath actuated. Dry powder inhalers require the medication in the form of fine powder. These can be classified as devices of single dose, multi-dose and unit multiple doses. These are breath actuated and are very popular among the children. They are all either corticosteroids or bronchodilators. The differences between the MDI and DPI have been listed below. Feature MDI DPI Inspiratory flow rate 30 L/min 30-120 L/min Patient effort By pressing the top of the medication canister, simultaneous inhalation has to be done by mouth unless the lungs are filled completely. The medication has to be held inside for the maximum possible duration and then exhale. The procedure has to be repeated if required after a gap of one minute. A spacer may also be used to facilitate the process. The patient effort is different for different devices. However, the general patient effort for single use devices involves the loading of the capsule as per the provided directions. This is followed by exhalation completely and slowly. The lips have to be sealed which is present surrounding the mouthpiece. Inhalation by mouth has to be done deeply and quickly for approximately three seconds. Hold the inhaled breath for the maximum possible duration and exhale slowly. Table 1: The differences between the MDI and DPI Source: By author d) The selected device for Aisha would be Dry Powder Inhalers. DPIs do not employ the propellants as they have been found to damage the ozone. They rule out the need for the simultaneous act of squeezing the canister and inhaling, which makes the process quite simple for the children. Aisha should be well advised that she should not exhale forcefully in the device prior to inhalation as it may result in the scattering of the powdered medication. Case of Colin a) Since Colin has a confirmed diagnosis of asthma, he is in a condition of acute asthma, which requires intense treatment for preventing it from getting into the state of uncontrolled. The treatment involves high dose of inhaled and systemic corticosteroids. The categories of severity in acute asthma are mild or moderate, severe and life-threatening. The final stages of acute asthma may require mechanical ventilation. Increased inflation pressure may be accompanied. The assessment of severity of acute asthma can be done on the basis of clinical observations and the measurement of pulse oximetry while breathing. A bronchodilator has to be administered immediately (Rodrigo and Neffen 2015). PEF and blood gases have to be measured for the complete assessment. Chest X-ray and systolic paradox are the secondary assessment tests for acute asthma (Arnold et al. 2012). b) Measurement of PEF or Peak Expiratory Flow is the most important clinical assessment of acute severe asthma. The PEF value of 50% marks the presence of acute severe asthma and 33% marks the presence of life-threatening asthma. The initial management involves immediate treatment in an area of resuscitation and high dependency. The SaO2, ECG and blood pressure has to be monitored. The patient has to be kept calm as fear can worsen the respiratory distress. Hypoxaemia is inevitable in the patients with severe acute asthma. So oxygen administration in high inspired concentration is essential to maintain the SaO2 92%. Nebulizers, which are oxygen driven, should be employed to prevent hypercapnoea. In case severe acute asthma, hypercapnoea may lead to the life-threatening situation. Salbutamol or Terbutaline along with Ipratropium bromide have to be administered through a nebulizer. Prednisolone or hydrocortisone tablets may be administered as per the condition of the patient. A chest X-ray may be beneficial to assess the severity of the attack (Lalloo et al. 2013). c) The secondary management of asthma attack will determine whether Colin has to be administered to the hospital. If Colin is improving after the initial management, he may be continued with oxygen for the maintenance of SpO2 of 94-98%, Prednisolone or hydrocortisone at the required dosage and Ipratropium along with 2 agonist in the nebulized form and released. If Colin is not improving even after 30 minutes of the initial management, the steroids and oxygen have to be continued, nebulized Salbutamol after every 30 minutes and continued ipratropium 4-6 hourly until he improves. If the condition of Colin does not improve even after the subsequent and secondary management, he has to be administered to the hospital and continuous monitoring has to be done. d) Following the hospital discharge, Colin should be advised to follow up within two weeks. However if emergency conditions arise, he needs to follow up at the earliest. The assessment of the history of Colin would reveal the possible reasons for the exacerbation of asthma and precautions to be taken to counter the future emergencies. Medications have to be reviewed as per the requirements of Colin and an action plan has to be provided to prevent assistance delay, prevent relapse and for optimizing treatment (Rowe 2014). References "Asthma inhalers", 2015,Nursing standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain): 1987),vol. 29, no. 24, pp. 19; discussion 19-19. Arnold, D.H., Gebretsadik, T., Abramo, T.J., Sheller, J.R., Resha, D.J. and Hartert, T.V., 2012. The Acute Asthma Severity Assessment Protocol (AASAP) study: objectives and methods of a study to develop an acute asthma clinical prediction rule.Emergency Medicine Journal,29(6), pp.444-450. Carr, T.F., 2013. Characteristics Of Over-And Under-Users Of Short-Acting Beta-Agonists In The American Lung Association-Asthma Clinical Research Centers Trial Of Asthma Patient Education.Mental,48, pp.8-4. Lalloo, U.G., Ainslie, G.M., Abdool-Gaffar, M.S., Awotedu, A.A., Feldman, C., Greenblatt, M., Irusen, E.M., Mash, R., Naidoo, S.S., O'Brien, J. and Otto, W., 2013. Guideline for the management of acute asthma in adults: 2013 update-Part 2: March 2013.SAMJ: South African Medical Journal,103(3), pp.189-200. Madsen, F., Mortensen, J., Hanel, B. and Pedersen, O.F., 2014. Lung Function Testing, Spirometry, Diffusion Capacity and Interpretation. InMechanics of Breathing(pp. 123-136). Springer Milan. Price, D., Bosnic-Anticevich, S., Briggs, A., Chrystyn, H., Rand, C., Scheuch, G., Bousquet, J. and Inhaler Error Steering Committee, 2013. Inhaler competence in asthma: common errors, barriers to use and recommended solutions.Respiratory medicine,107(1), pp.37-46. Redwood, T. and Neill, S., 2013. Diagnosis and treatment of asthma in children.Practice Nursing,24(5), pp.222-229. Rodrigo, G.J. Neffen, H. 2015, "Assessment of acute asthma severity in the ED: are heart and respiratory rates relevant?",The American journal of emergency medicine,vol. 33, no. 11, pp. 1583-1586. Rowe, B.H., 2014. Severe Acute and Life-Threatening Asthma in Adults.Clinical Asthma: Theory and Practice, p.227. Thomas, S. 2015, "Diagnosis of asthma in adults",Practice Nursing,vol. 26, no. 5, pp. 234-235.

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Sonnys Blues by James Baldwin

Introduction The reading of James Baldwin’s short story Sonny’s Blues leaves few doubts as to the fact that one of story’s foremost motifs is light vs. darkness. In its turn, this can be explained by the particulars of author’s biography as someone who was brought up in the religious family, sublimated in Baldwin’s strive to provide a symbolical meaning to story’s semantic content.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Apparently, the references to darkness in Sonny’s Blues are meant to symbolize the essence of Sonny’s drug addiction; whereas, the references to light are meant to prompt readers to think of Sonny’s story of reconciliation with his brother in terms of Christian ‘redemption’. Nevertheless, there is also another aspect to Baldwin’s utilization of earlier mentioned motif – author’s realization of the sheer unnaturalness of African-Americans’ low social status through fifties and sixties. By making continuous references to this particular motif, author wanted to expose the actual reason why these people often end up being underachievers. In my paper, I will aim to explore the soundness of this thesis at length. Analytical part Baldwin’s utilization of light vs. darkness motif starts at the very beginning of the story: â€Å"I stared†¦ in the swinging lights of the subway car†¦ and in my own face, trapped in the darkness which roared outside† (1). By saying that, narrator reflects upon his own deep-seated anxieties of someone who was born and raised in the ‘ghetto’. Apparently, even though he was able to gain social prominence as a teacher, narrator never forgot its own humble origins. This is exactly the reason why, while watching Harlem’s Black boys in the midst of soci alizing with each other, narrator never ceases being aware of the nature of intellectual oppression, they have to deal with on daily basis: â€Å"These boys, now, were living as we’d been living then†¦ All they really knew were two darknesses, the darkness of their lives†¦ and the darkness of the movies, which had blinded them to that other darkness† (Baldwin 1). The context of this particular referral to darkness, on the part of narrator, reveals the nature of African-Americans’ oppression as such that is not only being concerned with these people suffering from poverty but also from the fact that American mainstream Medias of the time used to portray such state of affairs as perfectly natural. Hence, the symbolic sounding of narrator’s following remark, in regards to Sonny friend’s physical appearance: â€Å"The bright sun deadened his damp dark brown skin and it made his eyes look yellow and showed up the dirt in his kinked hair† (Baldwin 2) – apparently, narrator wanted to emphasize once again that, while being exposed to the ‘light’ of America’s racialist mass-culture, African-Americans simply could not avoid being degraded.Advertising Looking for essay on american literature? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Nevertheless, given Baldwin’s strong sense of religiosity, it does not come as a particular surprise that the majority of narrator’s referrals to light connote positiveness, as these referrals symbolize the process of African-Americans gaining self-confidence. For example, while elaborating on how he felt when struggling with his drug-addiction, Sonny states: â€Å"I feel like a man who’s been trying to climb up out of some deep, real deep and funky hole and just saw the sun up there, outside† (Baldwin 5). Yet, being rather a good psychologist, Baldwin was fully aware of the fact that the p rocess of socially and racially underprivileged ghetto-residents striving to make the best out of their lives could never be too easy, as the very essence of racially secluded living in the ghetto predisposes people to succumb to depression: â€Å"Cab moved uptown through streets which seemed, with a rush, to darken with dark people† (Baldwin 7). According to narrator, this is exactly the reason why it often proves impossible for ghetto-residents to attain social prominence through education – while trying to affiliate themselves with light, even the brightest kids from the ‘hood’ have no choice but to continue to exist in darkness, in allegorical sense of this word. In its turn, this causes them to experience a certain cognitive dissonance – the harder they try to make the best of their lives; the more acute appear their inferiority-related anxieties: â€Å"When light fills the room, the child is filled with darkness. He knows that every time this happens he’s moved just a little closer to that darkness outside† (Baldwin 9). Thus, there are clearly defined humanist undertones to Sonny’s Blues, as the story that provides readers with the insight on why, despite having a potential to become society’s outstanding members, many African-Americans nevertheless end up descending to society’s ‘rock bottom’. Conclusion As it was implied in the Introduction, in order for the readers to be able to fully understand Baldwin story’s message, they need to be aware of the significance of light vs. darkness motif, deployed throughout story’s entirety. The reason for this simple – the understanding of this motif’s implications, on the part of readers, is being quite indispensible within the context of them gaining an insight onto the very root of African-Americans’ clearly unprivileged social status. I believe that this conclusion is being fully consistent with paper’s initial thesis.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Bibliography Baldwin, James. Sonny’s Blues. PDFCAST.Org. 1957. Web. This essay on Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin was written and submitted by user Lilah English to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.